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By supporting Bil’in, you’ll help its inhabitants continue their struggle and give them hope in their fight for liberty.

This site is dedicated to all people of good will - Palestinian, Israeli and the Internationals who fight side-by-side against the injustices endured by the people of Bil’in.

It is urgent to act!

Bil’in’s situation is deteriorating on a daily basis. People are oppressed - even before any demonstrations are carried out. Bil’in is a symbol of what is happening all across Palestine:

*The occupation of Palestine and the treatment of Palestinians by the Israeli Armed Forces were        declared illegal by the UN, the International Court of Justice, as well as international Human Rights    Laws

*Colonization by building illegal settlements on Palestinian land is equally condemned by of the UN and the 4th Geneva Convention

*The construction of the annexation wall on Palestinian Land is in contradiction of the 2004 ICJ ruling

*The presence of the Israeli Army, the oppression by the Israeli Army and the collective punishments meted out by the Israeli Army is in violation of UN Resolutions, International Human Rights Law and the 4th Geneva Convention

*The Israeli army has declared that any form of demonstration in Bil’in is forbidden, including non-violent protests – this is unjust and illegal

*The banning of international presence, of Israeli Activists and the arrests of our Bi’lin committee are condemning Bil’in to a certain death.

Let’s act together by putting pressure on the Israeli Government, as well as lobbying our own governments to put pressure on Israel.

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