Bil’in continues to resist 19/8/2011

  Photos By Rani Burnat

  Bil'in - Ramallah: One villager hit by rubber-coated steel bullet and dozens suffered from tear gas inhalation during the weekly demonstration against the illegal settlements and the Apartheid Wall in Bil’in. Like every Friday, the villagers walked through the village towards the second Apartheid Wall that still occupies around 30% of the village’s land. They crossed the olive groves that the Israeli army had illegally annexed for over six years and which the villagers were able to liberate through their continuous resistance. Some gathered early and enjoyed the shade of the trees in the area where villagers have now created the Abu Laymoon park. When the protestors reached the second Apartheid Wall at the illegal colony on their lands - chanting for the liberation of Palestine and raising the Palestinian flag and banners of the imprisoned Marwan Bargouthi - soldiers stationed behind the wall started shooting tear gas canisters and rubber coated steel bullets at them, setting fire to a stretch of bushes close to the park. A twenty year old was shot with a rubber coated steel bullet in the leg. In spite of the continuing barrage of tear gas canisters, the protestors held their ground in the heat of Palestine’s summers, chanting “Palestine is the 194 state”, in reference to the PA’s plan to request recognition as a full member state at the UN in September, demanding the immediate release of all political prisoners and vowing to keep up the resistance until Palestine is free and Palestinian rights are recognized.