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The PASSIA website has done an excellent job compling a list of maps that visually depicts the stuggle of Palestine's history and the current political situation. They offere these maps as downloads in both image and PDF format ffor everything from the Jewish Colonies in Palestine in 1878, to the Oslo Accords, to the West Bank Wall in 2006.

Click on maps below to enlarge. 

The map below deals directly with Bilin's situation, illustrating the amount of land that has been stolen by the illegal wall and settlement expansion.

This map shows the progressive stages in which Israel confiscated or annexed Palestinian land since 1948.

Finally this map depicates most closely what the West Bank resembles today.  With Israel in control of 40% of the West Bank for the Apartheid Wall, settlements, settler only roads, and military outposts. Leaving the Palestinians with 12% of historic Palestine and living in cantons and ghettos seperated from each other with Greater East Jerusalem being completely annexed to Israel.
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