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The Final Statement Agreed Upon at the Third Annual Bilin Conference for Non-Violent Resistance:

On the Palestinian level:

1. Palestinian national unity is essential to establish a Palestinian state.

2. Calling on the Palestinian Presidential and governmental institutions to commit to work seriously to implement the ICJ ruling against the Apartheid Wall, and the subsequent UN General Assembly Resolution.

3. Calling on all official Palestinian bodies to support the grassroots non-violent resistance and to take a serious political position against the building of the Wall and settlements and the Judaization of Jerusalem.

4. Calling on all national factions to place grassroots non-violent resistance at the top of their respective programs, beginning with boycott and leading to their full participation in direct actions.
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5. To support the continuation of Palestinian popular struggle as one of the main strategic tools, which is based on the successful experience in resisting the Wall and the heritage of Palestinian struggle, including the first Intifada.

On the Israeli level:

1. Strengthening relations with Israeli peace movements that participate in our struggle against the Occupation system.

2. Rejecting any form of normalization with the Occupation or its institutions and personnel.

On the international level:

1. Strengthening relations with international solidarity activists, and mobilizing  greater numbers of peace and justice activists to support the Palestinian cause.

2. Calling on organizations, unions, associations, civil society groups and international peace activists to do the following:

• Promote the Palestinian narrative to counter Israeli propaganda;

• Promote boycott, divestment and sanctions; ask all movements, bodies and associations of international peace activists to campaign for a boycott including the withdrawal of investments in Israel as well as the application of economic sanctions, in particular the EU-Israel Trade Association Agreement.

• Pressing official international organizations, especially European governments, the European Union, Japan and the United States to decline Israel's requests for improved relations until Israel implements all its international legal obligations, including the 4th Geneva Convention, and ceases its violations against the Palestinian people.

Bil'in, June the 6th of 2008


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