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four people were injured in the village of Bil'in PDF Print E-mail


Bil'in - Palestine-Friday Loyalty to Martyrs Today four people were injured as well as dozens others that were tear gassed by Israeli Soldiers in the village of Bil'in, west of Ramallah.

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Day of Military Violence Against Protesters in the West Bank PDF Print E-mail


_nbsp Four protesters in three different villages were arrested during protests staged across the West Bank today. Over a dozen were injured, including an eleven year-old. Demonstrations in the West Bank villages of Nabi Saleh, Kuffer Qaddum, al-Ma'asrah and Nil'ilin were viciously attacked by the Israeli army today, using disproportional force, causing over a dozen injuries and making arrests. A peaceful protest in the village of Nabi Saleh was attacked with tear-gas from afar today by Israeli soldiers, as protesters tried to march to their lands adjacent to the Jewish-only settlement of Halamish. Following the attack on the peaceful procession, clashes ensued between soldiers and local youth.

Olive trees burn, Ashraf arrested, Bil'in invaded. PDF Print E-mail
Bil'in Protest 21-10-2011 As soon as protesters reached the Apartheid-Annexation Wall, they were attacked by Israeli Occupation Forces firing inordinate amounts of tear gas which resulted in fierce, wind-driven fires in the tinder-dry vegetation, bushes and olive trees in the firing zone which destroyed some twenty trees and bushes. In the immediate aftermath of the demonstration, five army jeeps made an incursion into village lands and occupation soldiers arrested Ashraf Abu Rahmah when he peacefully remonstrated with them - two of these jeeps peeled off to invade the village for a short period. Ashraf is currently detained in Israel's Ofer prison near Ramallah on, no doubt, trumped-up charges.
Great Joy Outside Ofer Prison on the Release of Palestine's Political Prisoners 18-10-2011 PDF Print E-mail
Joy broke out all over the West Bank, Gaza and further afield as Israel released the first batch of 477 Palestinian political prisoners in exchange for captured Israeli soldier; Gilad Shalit. More than 300 of the prisoners arrived in Gaza, the rest in the West Bank.
Harvesting the Olives in Bil'in 15-10-2011 PDF Print E-mail
Throughout the centuries, Palestinians farmers have made their living from olive cultivation and olive oil production; 80 percent of cultivated land in the West Bank and Gaza is planted with olive trees. In the West Bank alone, some 100,000 families are dependent on olive sales.
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    four people were injured in the village of Bil'in :   Bil'in - Palestine-Friday Loyalty to Martyrs Today four people were injured as well as dozens others that were tear gassed by Israeli Soldiers in the village of Bil'in, west of Ramallah. .... Full Article..


    Bil’in continues to resist 19/8/2011 :     Bil'in - Ramallah: One villager hit by rubber-coated steel bullet and dozens suffered from tear gas inhalation during the weekly demonstration against the illegal settlements and the Apartheid Wall in Bil’in. Like every Friday, the villagers wa.... Full Article..


    Al-Walaja protest 10-8-2011 : Despite the fact that the case of the route of the Apartheid-Annexation Wall through the SW Jerusalem village of al-Walaja is due to be heard in the Israeli Supreme Court on September 27 occupation forces are busy creating "facts on the ground" by uprooting olive trees and doing the preparatory ground work for a crime against humanity that will create a living ghetto similar to Gaza, u7SGfLMSmYQ .... Full Article..


    Land Reclamation Project in Bil'in After the Resiting of the Apartheid Wall 10-8-2011 : Following the resiting of the Apartheid-Annexation Wall in Bil'in and the consequent return of 800 dunums (some 200 acres) to the village last June, hydrologist and project manager with the Palestinian NGO; Palestinian Hydrology Group Abdul Raouf Abu Raheh explains the current situation in his village and his plan to alleviate the poverty of 20 of Bil'in's poorest farmers by constructing water cisterns on the returned land and providing seed, fertiliser and seedlings to them. kwUnbwyTTmw .... Full Article..


    Part 1: Iyad Burnat on Bil'in's Resistance to the Occupation and Apartheid Wall 8-8-2011 : Retracing the route of the Friday protest marches and on the land regained by Bil'in by the resiting of the Apartheid-Annexation Wall closer to the Haredi Israeli colony of Modi'in Illit, head of Bil'in's Popular Committee Iyad Burnat discusses the changing situation in his village, Israeli blood diamonds, CRH, Veolia and the terrible damage in murders, maimings and serious injuries done to his people in nonviolently resisting the Wall and occupation xDFG2Ktypng . .... Full Article..

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